The Sinha Lab


Dr. Sanjay Sinha
Email: ss661
Tel.: (01223) 747479/768678

Projects: Cardiovascular development, cardiovascular regeneration, cardiovascular disease modelling. Underpinning this work is our development of lineage-specific differentiation protocols to obtain various mature cardiovascular cell types from human pluripotent stem cells.

Current people:
Semih Bayraktar (sb2332), Will Bernard (wgb24), Maria Colzani (mtc39), Hongorzul Davaapil (hd410), Laure Gambardella (lg231), Debbie Ho (dllh2), Peter Holt (pjh1000), Aishwarya Jacob (agj2), Vincent Knight-Schrijver (vrk25), Robyn Macrae (rgcm2), Sophie McManus (sm2137), Ping Ong (lpo20), Alex Petchey  (ap959), Felipe Serrano (fs413)

Email addresses are

Cambridge Cardiovascular at the Science festival 2019



The future of Medicine – Univ of Cambridge video. Oct 2017

Marfans – BHF Oct 2017

Patching up a broken heart – Cambridge University 2017

Mending Broken Hearts – BHF Jul 2014

Pioneering Research at Cambridge University – BHF 2014